Jack Whitefield / Garden Variety

Jack Whitefield / Garden Variety

  • "All the images in this book are screen grabs from an online estate agent based in Detroit. I came across it reading about Detroits housing crisis and the possible chance of getting my hands on a crib for $1000. The pictures looked as if they were taken on old mobile phone or something similar, presumably by the estate agent, most of them pixelated and lopsided. Something about these photos reminded me of work from some American landscape photographers I follow closely. It made me wonder how much of style, taste and even the way we compose certain things is instinctual and what is taken onboard from our day to day lives.

    In an attempt to show this I arranged the screen grabs in a more photographically traditional way by switching them from colour to black and white and changing the format from an estate agent website to book format." - Jack Whitefield.


    - 30 page

    - Risograph print

    - 120 gsm cartridge paper

    - Staple bound

    - 21 x 20.5 cm

    - Self published 2018