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Kingsley Ifill / UTSURU

Kingsley Ifill / UTSURU

  • A new book of silver gelatin paintings by Kingsley Ifill. Inspired by Zen teachings entrusting the unconscious over the conscious, regarded as essential within Japanese swordsmanship and the mind of the Samurai. Instinctively applied into the ritualistic practice of traditional darkroom printing during a period of government imposed solitary confinement. Disrupting the structured linear processes embedded within the medium, attaining presence via translation of an overwhelming mood into moments. 



    - 210 x 280mm

    - 160 pages

    - Screen printed cardboard box

    - Offset print on coated 200gsm inner pages

    - 350gsm card cover with gloss lamination

    - Perfect bound

    - Scratch signed & dated by artist

    - Ink stamped & numbered xerox certificate

    - Printed in England

    - Edition of 50

    - Published by Tarmac 2020

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